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I have been drag racing since 1990 and have made some great accomplishments. I want to go to the next level and start racing competitively.  I chose Derek Tillery to be my crew chief because of his dedication and his desire of drag racing. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help and make sure things are right. Derek and I have spent endless hours getting the car where it is today. My wife, Erin Clayton, also lends a helping hand in getting the car ready. Between all of us I feel like I have a great team..



 Bob Clayton

We would like to thank some of our sponsors..
C&D Services
Roche Race Engines
Maryland Performance Specialties 
Team UPR
PTP Racing
Affordable Transmission

Bob Clayton - Owner and Driver

Derek Tillery - Crew Chief

Engine done by Roche Racing Engines

Chassis by Gary Rohe race cars

Erin and Shelby Clayton - wife and daughter for support and never telling me no.






Pictures by Erin Clayton
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